Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recycled Content #2

Welcome to No One Line's Recycled Content Number Two!

A buddy of mine is a geek when it comes to bikes - and guitars, and (shamefully), cars too. He loves knowing about types of tubing, wall thickness, tube diameter, relative strengths and weaknesses of different tubesets, and he keeps on telling me to get a bicycle made out of Reynolds 531. So it's with him in mind that I sit down to read an article from several years ago in which the author is sent on assignment to test ride seven Mondonico road bikes, identical in almost every respect - except, they are made from different types of Columbus Tubing. Can he tell the difference?

For the math dorks in the house, Cozy Beehive offers a mathematical approach to impacts on a helmeted head.

Ever wonder why it's kind of easy to be a bit obnoxiously righteous as a cyclist in NYC? Streetsblog has a piece on a cyclist who tapped a car that was parked in a physically-protected bike path and, in return, was assaulted by the driver and then charged by the police. Assholes are everywhere, which in turn makes it a challenge not to be one on the road. Stay safe, y'all.

Congrats to Mellow Velo. That photograph makes you look like the bride of the bike (which I heartily approve of), but don't you think the bike should have worn a more traditional, tux-like black-and-white bartape and saddle?

And, finally, with the Tour de France coming up and a crisis in Astana, we can expect my fitness to take a questionable turn as I go right from work to Lakeside Lounge, to enjoy Versus recap and two-for-one happy hours.

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  1. Thumbs up! I appreciate the plug and wish you'd passed along your advice earlier. I think the Felt definitely should have rocked a black saddle and white bar tape for the wedding...

    - Mellow V