Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Links

I've been steadily clicking refresh on a few blogs that I ought to share.

6 Years in a Rain Cape is Joe Parkin's blog. Parkin wrote A Dog In A Hat, a remarkable account of scrabbling his way to a pro career as an American racing in Belgium. He answers questions, tells anecdotes, and keeps finding a way to mention that he loves biking in the rain.

Red Kite Prayer - you know, that arrogant and fearful look glance skyward as the solo breakaway rider, after having attacked the break a few kilometers before, offers up to the "1K to go" banner - is written by one of the contributors to Belgium Knee Warmers, and I look forward to this new site.

In accordance with cycling tradition, the author of Cyclocosm loves professional cycling and is exasperated with its participants. Intelligent commentary, occasional high levels of snark, and a good bit called How The Race Was Won, featuring three-minute long video edits and commentary.

Tour Fever provides brief commentary, Snark-Lite, and a look at some of the media coverage you may have missed... by the author of "Tour Fever: An Armchair Cyclist's Guide to the Tour de France."

Enjoy the rest of the tour.

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