Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Every cyclist should know that when riding starts to feel like a chore, before you start to hate your bik, you should put new tires on and clean and re-lube the drivetrain. I just did that to my workbike/everyday bike, which had been sitting with doubleflats since the last time I worked on it, back in late March. It feels nice to have a comfortable bike that I don't mind locking up again.

Yesterday was the right day for the overhaul. We came back from a few very long, relaxing days spend at the beach in Rhode Island. Damp air, thorny beach roses, the smell of low tide.

Riding around the city yesterday, even the New York City couldn't get me worked up, and I felt like somebody had cleaned and lubed my drivetrain, too. The weather is amazing and I'm looking forward to some good work, good free time, hard training, and fun races.


  1. Good on ya. Your bike thanks you.

  2. Sounds like a nice way to recharge. There's nothin' like making your bike look & feel like new to make you wanna ride it.