Thursday, August 6, 2009


Squarebuilt bicycles are among the nicest handmade bikes coming out of New York City (with a nod to Johnny Coast, who's been doing it a bit longer). I've had my hands a few of the frames made in this little shop, and they sure are lovely.

Apparently, a few of them are more than a little bit cursed. Messenger bikes are footsoldiers in a very odd war, and Joey Krillz's bike (before and after) is the latest fatality. Fortunately he's fine - the bike was smashed by a truck while locked up, which is kind of like surviving the sinking of the Titanic only to die of pneumonia on the Carpathia. Regretably, it's not the first. Krillz's colleague Drew has had some ill tides wash over his Squarebuilt (before and after), and said, "Squarebuilt bicycles are the kamikaze pilots of the custom frame world. They burn bright, make their masters proud and die young in horrifying, senseless collisions."


  1. First, Thanks for the complement “Squarebuilt bicycles are among the nicest handmade bikes coming out of New York City” I really do appreciate that.
    Now your other statement “Apparently, a few of them are more than a little bit cursed.” Is like saying that marines are shot more then civilians. While that is true, it is also an unfair comparison. Most expensive custom bicycles these days are going to Older professionals (lawyers, Doctors, etc) who simply do not have the time to put in on them that would make you think they were cursed. I do everything I can to get the people who deserve and need to be on custom fitted frames (anyone on a bike more then 40 hours a week) like discounts, payment plans, trades to get them on it. Besides making me feel warm and fuzzy all over it also gets me some real world feedback on my frames that few other builders get. They are not dull show swords to hang on your wall but sharp battle ready blades that any samurai/messenger would be proud to own. Saying they are cursed in any measure is completely inaccurate.
    p.s. thanks for the before and after pictures it would’ve taken me days to find them otherwise 

  2. Lance, you're totally right, and "cursed" was probably a bit too loaded - I meant nothing negative. Those ones out on the streets sure are workhorses that see a lot of asphalt pass underneath them...